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IX International scientific conference on problems of economic development in the modern world"Sustainable Development of the Russian regions: the economy and political processes, a new model of spatial development of the Russian Federation"

On April 20-21, 2012 in Yekaterinburg, the International conference "Sustainable Development of the Russian regions". The MSSE organized section A4 "Spatial Economics"



On April 20-21, Yekaterinburg, Russia.

On April 20-21, 2012 in Yekaterinburg, the International conference "Sustainable Development of the Russian regions". The MSSE organized section A4 "Spatial Economics".

Director of the MSSE Vladimir Matveenko reported on the properties of utility functions on the characteristics of goods. In the report he presented the microfoundations for the utility functions and models of consumer behavior, and also tried to show how the utility function u and how you can influence it.

MSSE Research Fellow Sergey Kichko reported on short-term equilibrium in the two-factor model of international trade with variable elasticity of substitution. He investigated the conditions of dumping and antidumping depending on the distribution of production factors between countries.

MSSE Research Fellow Dmitry Pokrovsky did report "Market size, productivity and entrepreneurial effect in the model a'la Melitz" about endogenous entrepreneurship in a model with heterogeneous firms.

The Report of MSSE Senior Research Fellow Philip Ushchev was devoted to a study model of monopolistic competition with variable elasticity of substitution and the endogenous choice of product line. In particular, he studied the effect of externalities on the scale size and the number of firms, as well as the diversity of products produced by one firm.

The Reports Presentations:

V.Matveenko: The properties of the utility function of the characteristics of the goods

D.Pokrovsky, E.Zhelobodko, S.Kokovin: "Market Size, Productivity and Entrepreneurship in a Model a'la Melitz"

S.Kokovin, Ph.Ushchev, E.Zhelobodko: "Multi-product firms under monopolistic competition: the choice of scope"

S. Kichko, S. Kokovin, E. Zhelobodko: "Two-factor trade model with monopolistic competition"

Section Program:

Section А4 "Spatial Economics"

Chair Persons:
A. Savvateev,
Professor NEW (Moscow)
V. Matveenko, HSE (Moscow)

Sergey Kichko,
HSE, "Two-factor trade model with monopolistic competition".
Vladimir Matveenko, HSE, «Свойства функций полезности от характеристик благ».
Dmitry Pokrovsky, HSE, "Market size, productivity, entrepreneurship and profit inequality in model a la Melitz".
Philip Ushchev, HSE, "Multi-product firms in monopolistic competition: the choice of scope".
V. Prokin, National Research Perm Polytechnic University, "The methodology of modeling the spatial development of strategic management"

M. Alexeev
, Professor at Indiana University (Bloomington, USA)
S. Weber, Professor at Southern Methodist University (USA), Professor, New Economic School (Moscow), MSSE Associate Researcher
V. Ginzburg, Professor at the Free University of Brussels (Belgium)

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Prepared by Yury Martemyanov.