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Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics

Regional Disparities and Efficient Transport Policies in Economics without Borders

Thisse J., Proost S.

Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Effect of conformism on firm selection, product quality and home bias

Kichko S., Picard P. M.

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 2021. Vol. 185. P. 402-418.

Book chapter

Gogolev S., Ozhegov E. M.

In bk.: X-я Юбилейная международная школа –семинар «Многомерный статистический анализ, эконометрика и моделирование реальных процессов» имени С.А. Айвазяна. Prt. 1. 2020. Ch. 26. P. 49-51.

Working paper
Price competition in finite markets with a rare good and private consumer valuations

Shavshin R., Sandomirskaia M.

Economics. EC. Высшая школа экономики, 2021. No. 248.

The research Center aims at obtaining meaningful results in economic theory and empirical research.

The research is based on a new class of models of market systems with free entry.

Our main goals

  • the study of new possibilities of the monopolistically competitive markets under removal of restrictions on the constant elasticity of substitution between goods in consumption;
  • extended analysis of the model of monopolistically competitive markets by including it in models of endogenous growth and multi-product output;
  • study of the nature of asymmetric solutions agglomeration model of core-periphery type;
  • empirical study of Russian interregional and international trade accounting for heterogenity of firms, sectors and trade flows;
  • development and testing of computable general equilibrium models in the regions.

Registration for the Third International Workshop 'Market Studies and Spatial Economics'

Registration for the Third International Workshop 'Market Studies and Spatial Economics' is now closed.
Please contact the workshop organizers by e-mail if you have any questions: msse@hse.ru (CC Anna Kim (aakim@hse.ru), CMSSE manager)

Our colleagues are in RePEc Top-10!

The HSE University holds a leading position among all the Russian universities and research units in the Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) rating based on the citation index of economists from almost eight thousand universities all over the world, as of January 2021. The second top position is shared by our Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics, NES, the St. Petersburg HSE campus, and the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Moscow HSE. Our colleagues Jacques-Francois Thisse, Philip Ushchev and Sergey Kokovin are among the top 10 researchers-economists affiliated with Russian universities. Moreover, Jacques-Francois Thisse ranks 2nd in the world ranking in the field of Economic Geography and ranks 5th in the world ranking in the field of Industrial Organization.

Postdoctoral fellowship in the Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics

The HSE Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics (CMSSE) in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, invites applications for postdoctoral research positions in the field of International Economics, Regional Studies, and Industrial Organization.