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First MSSE Summer School


Regular time schedule:

– Breakfast: 0800–0900

– Coffee breaks: 1030–1100 and 1530–1600

– Lunch: 1300–1400

– Dinner: 1900–2000

July 15 (Sunday)

1830 (approx.) – Arriving to Nizhny Novgorod

1900–2000 – DINNER

July 16 (Monday)

0900–1030 and 1100–1230 – Guest Lecture:

Alexander Lozhkin New model of Town development (Russia case)

1400–1530 – Lecture

 Valery Verbus(HSE) Facts and theories: spatial inequalities and space in economic thought

1600–1730 – Lecture

Natalia Aizenberg(ESI SB RAS) Starret’s Theorem about Spatial Impossibility

July 17 (Tuesday)

0900–1030 and 1100–1230 – Lecture

 Philipp Uschev(HSE CMSSE) Monopolistic competition, Dixit-Stiglitz model

1400–1530 and 1600–1730 – Lecture

Sergey Kichko(HSE CMSSE) Core-Periphery model: Dixit-Stiglitz-Krugman approach

July 18 (Wednesday)

0900–1030 – Lecture

Vladimir Pyrlik(HSE) Gravity model and applications

1100–1230 – Lecture

Vera Ivanova(CHSU)Empirical Studies of Agglomeration

1400–1530 and 1600–1730 – Papers discussions

Balash Vladimir: Burchfield O., Puga T. Causes of Sprawl: A Portrait From Space

Vasilyeva Olga, Zhuk Nadezhda: Briant A., Combes P.-P., Lafourcade M. Dots to boxes: Do the size and shape of geographical units jeopardize economic geography estimations?

Bykadorov Igor: Yu Z. Trade, Market Size, and Industrial Structure: Revisiting the Home Market Effect

Osharin Aleksandr: Behrens K., Lamorgese A., Ottaviano G. I. P., Tabuchi T. Testing the Home Market Effect in a Multi-Country World: The Theory

July 19 (Thursday)

0900–1030 and 1100–1230 – Lecture

Alexander Sidorov(SIM SB RAS) «Monocentric City model»

1400–1530 and 1600–1730 – Papers discussions

Philipenkov Alexsey, Potanin Michael: Maurel F., Sédillot D. A measure of the geographic concentration in French manufacturing industries

Trubekhina Irina: Bossuyt A., Broze L., Ginsburgh V.  On Invisible Trade Relations between Mesopotamian Cities during the Third Millennium B.C.

Rastvortseva Svetlana: Melitz M. J., and Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano. Market size, trade, and productivity

Martemyanov Yury: Ottaviano G.I.P., Tabuchi T., Thisse J.-F. Agglomeration and trade revisited

July 20 (Friday)

0900–1030 and 1100–1230 – Lecture

Dmitry Pokrovsky (HSE CMSSE) City Formation

1400–1530 and 1600–1730 – Papers discussions

Silaev Andrey: Forslid R., Ottaviano G. I. P. An Analytically Solvable Core-Periphery Model

Popov Vladimir: Davis D. R., Weinstein D. E. Bones, Bombs, and Break Points: The Geography of Economic Activity

Kuga Yakov: Redding S., Sturm D., 2008. The Cost of Remoteness:  Evidence from German Division and Reunification

Artukh Khristina: Redding S., Sturm D., Wolf N. History and Industrial Location: Evidence from German Airports

July 21 (Saturday)

0900–1030 – Faculty Lecture:

Daniil Musatov (NES) Modeling of Social Networks

1100–1230 – Research presentation

Igor Sloev(HSE) Equilibrium market structure and product variety in successive oligopoly

Alexander Shapoval TBA

1400–1530 – Papers discussions

Artukhova Helen: Crozet M. Do migrants follow market potentials? An estimation of a new economic geography model

Sloev Igor: Murata Y., Thisse J.-F. A simple model of economic geography à la Helpman-Tabuchi

July 22 (Sunday)

1000–1900 – Excursion program

July 23 (Monday)

0900–1030 and 1100–1230 – Faculty Lecture:

Natalia Volchkova (NES, CEFIR) Heterogeneous firms in international trade: theory and empirics

1400–1530 and 1600–1730 – Research presentation

Olga Vasilyeva (Amur State University) Does political competition matter for public goods provision? Evidence from Russian regions

Konstantin Grasmik (Omsk State University) Influence of foreign direct investment on the economy of Russian regions

Irina Trubekhina (Institute of EIE SB RAS) Social capital and economic development in Russian regions

Anna Mishura (NSU) Price level, market size and remoteness: an empirical analysis

July 24 (Tuesday)

0900–1030 and 1100–1230 – Guest Lecture:

Michael Alekseev(Indiana University) Relationship between product market competition and corruption

1100–1230 – Faculty Lecture:

Michael Alekseev (Indiana University) Effect of the natural resource abundance on economic growth and institutions

1400–1530 – Faculty Lecture:

Shlomo Weber (Southern Methodist University, NES), Political economy of regional instability

1600–1730 – Research presentation

Natalia Aizenberg (ESI SB RAS) The influence of Import Tariffs on economic activity: Monopolistic Competition Model

Alexander Osharin (HSE) Consumers’ preferences, number of firm dynamics and the factor shares evolution

July 25 (Wednesday)

0900–1030 and 1100–1230 – Faculty Lecture:

Valdimir Vakhitov (KSE) Empirical Estimates of External Agglomeration Effects

1400–1530 and 1600–1730 – Papers discussions

Kuznetsova Karine: Cavailhès J., Gaigné C., Tabuchi T., Thisse J.-F. Trade and the structure of cities

Grasmik Konstantin: Glaeser E.L. Reinventing Boston: 1640-2003

Balash Olga: Gabaix, X. Zipf's Law of Growth of Cities. Gabaix, X.  Zipf's Law for Cities: An Explanation

Andreev Vsevolod: Eeckhout J. Gibrat's law for (all) cities

July 26 (Thursday)

0900–1030 – Faculty Lecture:

Natalia Turdyeva (CEFIR) Computable General Equilibrium Models and regional policy

1100–1230 – Faculty Lecture:

Natalia Turdyeva (CEFIR) Regional effects of Russia's WTO Accession

1400–1530 and 1600–1730 – Research presentation

Vera Ivanova (CHSU) Spatial interaction of Russian regions as a factor of their economic growth: an empirical analysis

Alexander Sidorov (S.L.Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS SB RAS) Endogenous polycentricity of non-linear cties

Helen Artukhova Gender Discrimination in a Dynamic Search Mode

Zhuk Nadezhda Factor of cross-border cooperation in territorial

July 27 (Friday)

0900–1030 and 1100–1230 – Faculty Lecture:

Alexei Savvateev (NES) Coalliational and Migrational Stability in Group Formation Models

1400–1530 and 1600–1730 – Research presentation

Dmitry Pokrovsky (HSE CMSSE) Market Size, Productivity, Entrepreneurship and Income Inequality in a model a’la Melitz

Sergey Kichko (HSE CMSSE) Two-factor trade model with monopolistic competition

Igor Bykadorov (S.L.Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS) Investments in productivity under monopolistic competition

Svetlana Rastvortseva (Belgorod State University) Determination of a tension between centripetal and centrifugal forces in agglomeration. Bifurcations

July 28 (Saturday)

0900–1030 and 1100–1230 – Research presentation

Philipp Uschev (HSE CMSSE) Monopolistic competition with multi-product firms: scale-scope spillovers and cannibalization

Vsevolod Andreev (CHSU) The predictability of the socio-economic systems dynamics on the base of mathematical modeling

Andrey Velichko(Far Easten State University) International transport development in Asia-Pacific region


July 29 (Sunday)

0800–1000 – Breakfast

1000   (approx.) – leaving from Nizhny Novgorod


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